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Chia seeds and the regulation for new food (Novel Food)

All foodstuffs which had never been imported into the EU before 15 May 1997 are considered as “novel foods” in the EU and must be subjected to an EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) approval before importing them.

Chia seeds first approval was granted in 2009, Original Chia obtained the first import permit for chiasamen in the EU.

The following is the current legal situation for the import and use of chia seeds in the EU according to the regulation for novel foods:

Novel Food (2013/50 / EU)

The regulation allows the use of chia seeds as follows

10% in all baked goods
10% in breakfast cereals
10% in fruit, seed and nut mixes
Chia seeds may be offered as such in packaging for the final consumer, provided that the packaging states that only 15 g of chia seed may be consumed per day
There are different interpretations of the terms “fruit, seed and nut mixes”, namely whether all the products mentioned must be contained and whether additional ingredients may be included. If in doubt, please contact the relevant food authorities before developing a new product.

Another question often asked is why a maximum of 15 g per day is allowed. There are also different opinions about this: some believe that the intake of fat should be restricted, and others that EFSA wants to limit the intake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Novel Food (2014/890 / EU) – Chia Oil

Chia oil may be mixed to 10% in other oils and fats
Chia oil may be used as a food supplement with a max. Amount of 2 g per day.

Approval of the use of chia seeds in fruit juice and fruit juice mixtures – 2015 (link to letter with authorization)

In 2015 the use of chia seeds in fruit juice and fruit juice mixtures was approved by decree.
Chia seeds can be used whole, squashed or ground.
The quantity may not exceed 15 g / 450 ml of juice.
The authorization contains a set of rules for the production process of the Chia fruit juice.

Please, read the license (link).

We are in possession of the authorization that our chia seeds may also be used for use in fruit juice and fruit juice mixtures.

Here our approval (link)

Authorizations under the regulation for novel foods for the use of chia seeds in preparation

Currently, two other permits for the use of chia seeds are requested:

Chia in yoghurt
Chia in jam

For all questions concerning the authorizations for the use of Chia under the EU regulation for new food, we are at your disposal.