Original Chia’s Mission

We believe that chia seeds are a particularly valuable food. Chia seeds provide an unparalleled wealth of nutrients; the much talked about omega-3 fatty acids, considered particularly healthy, are just one of many.

In the last few years the mountain of books about the relationship between a healthy diet and overall health or disease in humans has grown enormously. Generally speaking it can be said that nutritional deficiencies, a lack of nutrients, is one of the main causes of many diseases, especially chronic diseases. Doctors who believe that these findings reflect a pressing issue have set up a society for nutritional medicine to focus individual and public attention on this matter. They believe that the subject of nutrition is neglected in traditional medical training.

We have talked to doctors about chia seeds, and we have received feedback from people who have noticed positive changes in themselves as a result of regularly eating chia seeds.

The relevant literature explicitly refers to the health-promoting effects of chia seeds (link to bibliography).

In view of these experiences, we firmly believe that chia seeds can make a positive contribution to people’s wellbeing. Many so-called lifestyle diseases are associated with poor nutrition, and a diet rich in vital nutrients, which chia seeds can be an important part of, can help prevent them.

We see it as one of our tasks to raise awareness about this and to promote the dissemination of the findings of nutritional medicine.

To this end, we want to make as many people as possible aware of chia seeds, including their uses. (Link to uses). This is also one of the reason we attend many annual conferences and trade fairs where nutrition experts such as doctors who specialise in nutrition and dieticians gather.