EU rules

Chia imports according to the current EU rules.

Leave Chia import to us. We will handle the import of Chiaseeds professionally. In the following you can read the current EU-laws about importing Chiaseeds.

Novel Food rules

The current Novel Food rules for Chiaseeds are listed below. Companies in the EU must have a Novel Food approval for importing Chiaseeds. Original Chia was the first company in Europe to get this approval.

The Novel Food rulebook (2013/50/EU) states the use of Chiaseeds as the following:

  • 10% in every baked good
  • 10% in breakfast cereals
  • 10% in nut, fruit and seedmixes
  • Products containing Chiaseeds must inform the consumer about the recommended daily intake as 15% pr. day.

It is questionable what is defined as nut, seed and fruitmixes. But it seems that if a product with all these parts, and no further, is produced, it will be accepted. We recommend validation from the food authorities before production starts.

As to why the limit of consumption is 15 gram per day, there are theories that the EU wants to reduce fat-intake, or that the approval seekers suggested a 15 gram pr day limit.

In 2014 the EU approved the use of Chia oils.
According to this approval Chia oil can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Mixed Oils; 10% chia oil and 90% other oils
  • Oil capsules with 2 gram of chia oil per day.

In 2015 Chia was approved as an application in accordance with the Letter of Ireland of 18th September 2015. Chia can now be used in a scenario with 15 grams of Chiaseeds in 450 grams of fruit juice.

A sum of demands for the production of fruit juice has been set up.

Upcoming Novel Food approvals
As of now there has been applications made for 2 more Novel approvals:

  • Chia in youghurt
  • Chia in jam

If you have any questions regarding the Novel Food rules concerning Chia seeds, we are available with further information.

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