Chia seed imports with strict quality controls

We turn high quality Chia imports into a virtue!

A food of high quality like Chiaseeds should also stay high quality in retail: We offer our clients the best quality. We are serious about care and control in all steps from purchasing to handling on a regular and permanent basis.

Selection of suppliers

Before we enter into a business relationship with a supplier, we go for absolute due diligence with a thorough investigation. Through a lenghty revision procedure we make sure that the basis needs for handling of Chiaseeds are met.

e.g. We only corporate with suppliers who have insights into the production places of the Chiaseeds in order to prevent crosscontamination from e.g. alien allergenics.

We check on internal inspection- and controlprocesses to make sure that the quality of the chiaseeds remain unaffected, from beginning to end of production.

Regular revisions on site
We have built long and trusting relationships with several suppliers. Many years ago Chiaseeds were not only new to us, but also to a lot of producers of Chiaseed. Together we learned alot about producing and handling in favor of the quality of chia seeds.

For every group of Chiaseeds, be it conventional or organic, an Analysis is performed in an EU-approved and certified lab in Europe. Only when the analysis shows that the Chiaseeds are defect-free,free from contamination by pollutants and are within the norm of of the nutritional values for chia seeds, is the container sent to Europe.


The warehouses we work with are all organic and to some extent IFS-certified. Storage, handling and outsourcing are checked regularly.

At this time we have warehouses in Germany and Denmark.

In us you have a reliable, cooperative and flexible partner. We will be happy to corporate with you as much as possible.

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