Our vision

Original Chia is one of the leading importers and suppliers of chia seeds in Europe. Our volume increases every year, which we try to continue in the future.

In african countries aswell as India we have started collaborating, in which we can not only import chia seeds to Europe, but also to stimulate the production of chia seeds for a healthy diet in the mentioned countries.

Chia seeds are no longer seen as extraordinary. A Chia plant is relatively robust and protects itself against harmfull insects and wild plants, and is using about one-third water of e.g. wheat plants. This not only makes chia seeds economical in export-regards, but also makes the nutritional, physiological and agro-technical aspects are valuable enrichment of the agriculture in new or third world countries.

We strive for trustworthy, long, reliable, transparent and just collaborations with customers and suppliers. The following values are of especielly important for us:

  • Quality of goods and service
  • Security of supply
  • Knowledge of chia seeds and their use
  • Dialogue with customers and manufacturers

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