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Chia seeds

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What is Chia? – Botany, origin and history

The Chia plant (Salvia Hispanica) is a single year plant and belongs to the family of Salvie-plants. Their seeds were not only used by Mayan and Aztek people as a basic food source for around 4000 years, but were also intensively used for cultural purposes because of their special effect on people.

This led to the the Spaniards banning all growth of Chia during their conquests in Central- and Southamerica. Chia only survived in a distant and impenetrable area in Mexico, that was rediscovered by a Supermarathon runner (Christopher McDougall) and an american agricultural researcher (Dr. Wayne Coates) in the beginning of the 1990’s.

From the Marathonrunners Chia quickly spread throughout the American world of sports (see the book “Born to Run”) and Dr. Wayne Coates moved into the world of nutritional science. Dr Coates himself describes chia seeds as something of a ”miracle”, because he in his book ”Chia – the complete guide to the ultimate superfood” can not find a better word for it.

Why Chia?

Chia is being called a ”superfood”. Somewhat of a gimmicky reference, that only stands for nothing else than a natural and nourishing food – where one of those foods is Chia! There are two qualities that are missing in modern processed foods; they are no longer natural (and sometimes not even nourishing).

Nutrition – and first and foremost a healthy diet – is increasingly becoming the center of peoples awareness all over the world.

The professional communities have admitted, that a lot of health problems has to do with a shortage of (nourishing) food.

Chia seeds are so full of vital substances that they can compensate for a lot of shortages. Thats why we are convinced in our ability to contribute with a valuable effort to a full developed diet containing Chia seeds, and are therefore enthusiastic about spreading knowledge about Chia and the use of Chia seeds.

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